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Polygon- a closed plane figure with straight sides.



A polygon is a figure or shape that has straight sides and the sides have to be in the same plane. So a polygon does not have to be a pentagon,hexagon, triangle or any shape you know of. It can have 1,468  and as long as the sides are straight and they are in the same plane it is a polygon. But a circle for instance does not have straight sides actually it has no sides at all. But a shape like this is a polygon straight lines and all.

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Bruce Lee’s Legend

Alright. So everyone knows the martial artist Bruce Lee. But did you know that he was a movie star? Did you know he married a American? Did you know he died at age 32 (and yes that is a young age to die at)? And yes, all of this is true. Here is his story.

Bruce Lee was born in America, moved to Hong Kong at a young age. As he got older, about 8 or 9 he started playing in movies and shows. And when he was 18 moved to America again. Went to college, got married moved back to hong kong (without wife). Starred in some movies in Hong Kong, and then became famous all over the world. Started making movies of his own with the help of people in the movie industry. And yes most of his movies had karate and kicking butt in it. And yes he was training during this time. And after a couple of his movies died of some type of head disease. And there were 2 funerals, one in  Hong Kong and one in America. If you want all the information Go to netflix and look up Bruce Lee’s Legend.

All I can say is this dude was most likely the best  martial artist in  all of history.


bruce lee kung fu fighting – YouTube

Bruce Lee kicks butt there is no doubt about it.