Fps Games improve eyesight

There are lots of ways to help yourself, there are doctors, herbs, and medicine. But there is also something else. This something else is called video games, I know that this is a shocking fact but it is true, a certain game genre called action Fps can help with eyesight. This game genre has helped many people with their eyesight and taps the brain to improve eyesight, so let’s dive right in.

One way these action games improve your eyesight is because they change the pathway responsible for visual processing, because FPS stands for first-person-shooter, so once you start to play you are the person in the game, and when your brain sees what you see/the character sees, it improves your eyesight.

The only downside to this is that it can not fix already damaged eyesight. One other downside is that if you play over 2 hrs (which most people play way over 2 hours) it can actually damage your eyesight. But not all devices that have FPS improve anything but some devices actually can hurt you if you play for a long long time. If you play the computer for hours and hours at a time you can get computer syndrome, which is a disease.

There are many ways that you can fix,or help yourself, and they are not always the expected ways, but sometimes it’s the ways that people think are “bad for kids”, I don’t think that these games are bad for kids, but I also understand that there should be moderation for everything, and that is why there should be time limits, and limits in general.


Christmas Is Just a Day

Everyone is always happy on Christmas day, but after Christmas you see a bunch of sad sacks walking around not knowing what to do with themselves. But Christmas isn’t only on December 25, but everyday if you believe in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. Christmas is not about gifts and trees, but about Jesus’s birth, and you can celebrate His birth everyday. And that is what the Christmas spirit is all about. Merry Christmas.


Watch Dogs 2

Truthfully, I might buy this game just to laugh at it. This game WAS good for a little. But then it got a little to boring. I wouldn’t recommend this game to a single soul. Nobody cares about good games, it’s all money.  I will finish this post later gotta go do thanksgiving break, I will try to post when I get there.


What Thanksgiving Is

Thanksgiving is not just that day you eat grandma’s favorite mash potatoes. Or when you pick up the turkey from the store and put that stuffing in. It is a day of unity. A day where native Americans and Americans/newcomers had peace. And they had this peace through a wonderful meal. But somehow when I ask people, they think turkey and cranberries and gravy. But thanksgiving is a moment of well, thanks and giving. So just remember every time you take a bite of that turkey, the true story.

What you are about to see, may be disagreed by many, and disturbing, but it is the truth. Scroll down and see the truth that hurts.

























Crazy iPhones

iPhone used to be a very helpful junction. But for real. Bill Gates is dead. Now it’s just a money maker. The second the iPhone 7 came out, I saw an iPhone 8 commercial. It’s crazy. And funny fact, as i’m writing this iPhone is a part of the dictionary.


Here is this video. Hope you enjoy. I went on the web to find one. I don’t know if it is fake or not. But it’s nice to dream.






What happened to America. We went from the greats like Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, JFK, to people like Hillary, and Trump 😑. I think that the 3rd party deserves some love because I am disappointed in the two “main” parties. Tonight’s the election. Pray for America because if u ask me who’s gonna win, all I can say is definitely not America. 


Hurricane Matthew

It is raining kinda hard right now. I’m watching the the news. I will keep you posted on WordPress and YouTube. My YouTube channel is Zuke Xavier. And if I find out anything else about the Matthew hurricane I will tell you.​