Zoobreak Book Report

A girl named Savannah lost her monkey and asker her friends to help her. And during a school field trip to the zoo they saw her monkey. She accused the zoo of stealing her monkey. When she told her friends that she wants to steal the monkey back they stole the monkey and decided to steal the other animals to. This was a cheap zoo so all the animals were little. So they all took their share of animals to hide. They could not hide the animals any longer. They broke into another zoo to out the animals somewhere safe. They were caught by the bad zookeepers. But the police saved them and the kids did not go to jail.

I liked the book because it showed the friendship that these people had with humans and with animals. I liked everything about this book I would not change a thing. And I think the author was trying to tell us DONT ABUSE ANIMALS!!


Halo 5 free assault rifle skin

So I got really sick of the original assault rifle skin in Halo 5. So I found a FREE weapon skin. All you have to do is watch all the videos on this link and you will get a free weapon skin.



And if you put your xbox one information after you watch all videos your xbox one will download the skin and may take a awhile to really get in your xbox.

I hope this helps you out so you can look swaggy when you get that last kill in halo 5 guardians.



This is how the skin looks Image result for Smiley faces





If you don’t understand how to download the skin here is a video.




Star Wars battlefront

First of all let me just say WOW. Star Wars Battlefront is one of my personal favorite games. If you have watched the Star Wars movie you would think that you were in the movie, that you were the rebel soldier, that you were Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker. In multiplayer mode it is so realistic. For example In the movie all you see is lasers and ships, In the game all you see is lasers and ships. Now the only two differences in the movie and the game is that in the game the guns are named more strictly for example T-21’s A208o’s and some other ones. Now in single player or split screen I will tell the truth it is not the best experience and it is even more boring alone so if you like story mode this is not the game for you. But if you like realistic shooters this IS the game for you. And If you like not getting board during multiplayer shooter games and having like 20 multiplayer modes this is the game for you. Now here is a clip just to see what the game kinda looks like.

(this is not me playing in this video I have way more skill lol)





Let’s Play Star Wars Battlefront on Xbox One … – YouTube Enjoy the video and have a good day and I hope you got something from this post bye guys.




These are some drawing videos if you like drawing the are perfect videos for you. We will be doing the basics and there will be a darn rootin tootin awesome BONUS video. Hope you enjoy.

Easy cartoon faces for those epic cartoons you make. Drawing: How To Draw Easy Cartoon Faces Step by Step …

Google's Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes



Google's Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes


How to draw the cutest and yummiest drawing EVER.How to Draw Cartoon Marshmallow Cute and Easy – YouTube

Emoji One's Smiling Face With Smiling EyesBONUSEmoji One's Smiling Face With Smiling Eyes

HOW TO DRAW A SUPER_ _ _ _How To Draw Spiderman Superhero Cartoon Doodle Easy …


Watch that video and you will see how i feel

Pharrell Williams – Happy (1AM)